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Just when we were all waiting around to catch the swine flu, the twitterverse was hit instead with a digital infection. It’s not the first attack targeting Twitter users, but the ROFL phishing scam strikes at a time when many businesses are just warming to the idea that it makes sense to build and protect brand equity through Twitter. Pity the social media marketer who inadvertently falls for the scam and ends up sending customers obnoxious spam with links to phishing sites.

Unlike the 419 scams which rely on elaborate stories delivered through email or hijacked IM accounts, Twitter scams must by definition be short and simple. In this case the message is just five words: “rofl this you on here?” Delivered as a direct message from friends whose passwords have been stolen, the scam preys on our trust and curiosity. And ultimately it is this—the erosion of trust and curiosity—which most endangers Twitter as a marketing tool. Without an easier way to report scams and spammers, and a more transparent way track existing issues, all the caution in the world will not be enough to save Twitter. Which would be a real shame because I plan to tweet about getting the flu when it comes to my house.

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