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Dirty Face

I met a man who will not wash his face. He has given it up the way other people give up cigarettes. We met at a friend’s wedding reception in Arizona, sitting under the stars by a small fire. He explained that in Latin America people don’t wash their faces much and they do okay. I can’t remember his reason. Maybe he realized that soaps are made with fat, and he didn’t want to rub fat around his vegetarian mouth. Or maybe, at first, he was just lazy. In the old days, when he used to wash his face, he had pimples. Now, he told me, his skin is always clear and healthy. He has not washed his face in years.

I often think about the man who will not wash his face. His daring rebellion against hygiene. And I often wish, standing in front of the mirror with a bit of soap in one hand, that I had met him earlier. When it was light.

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