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New Mailbox

Sometimes the benefits of being annexed by a neighboring city are not immediately clear. When the City of Kirkland closed our park at Juanita Beach and forgot to reopen it, for example, I failed to appreciate it. I was also puzzled when our garbage and recycling bins were taken away last week. But this week the bins were replaced with new ones, and they came with a surprise.

Taped up under one of the lids was a note that looked a lot like junk mail. It turned out to be important tax information with the following explanation:

Dear Finn Hill, North Juanita, and Kingsgate Resident,
You recently received a City Service Guide in the mail that we hope you find to be a helpful and useful resource. Unfortunately, the 2011 Property Tax Comparison on page 23 is incorrect; please replace it with the correct version shown below.

In other words, “We sent you inaccurate tax information by mail, so to make things right we are delivering the corrections to you in a garbage can.”

Makes sense to me.

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Spring cleaning, chicken style

Spring has arrived in Kirkland, which means that the daffodils are blooming, the rain-soaked hills around us are sliding toward Lake Washington with $900,000 homes in tow, and everyone is engaged in some sort of spring cleaning. For the chickens, spring cleaning means rolling around in the dirt as much as possible. Theoretically the dirt baths keep parasites at bay, but I know a kid who bathes regularly in dirt and still managed to get head lice. Anyway, the chickens clean up well enough in the rain which has not ceased since March 1. Julie spent a full four hours this afternoon at William’s track meet in a relentless downpour. Which she did as the better, more dedicated parent. I told her that I was looking forward to seeing the two of them back at our warm house so she could give me a big wet Willy. Which she did not think was funny. But I believe that as long as I am able to amuse myself, that will be enough to get me to summer.

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Butcher Shop CafeIt’s not every year you dress up and bring your candles to the butcher shop. But this isn’t like most years. Money is tight. Jobs are scarce. The future is more than just a little hazy. In other words, it’s time to get creative. So rather than go to one of Seattle’s great restaurants on our night out, we opted to go directly to the butcher that supplies the best of them. The Butcher Shop Cafe on Juanita Drive is not exactly your ordinary butcher. You can order everything from kielbasa to guinea fowl and have the chef prepare it right there. This Saturday we had prime rib, which was outstanding. For side dishes we pretty much ate everything available, including baked corn salad, beans with brisket, and sauteed squash and peppers.  The cafe is more utilitarian than pretty, but for some of us, that is much of the appeal. And what you trade off in elegance you gain in more personal ways. It’s a great place to relax with your best friend, chat with the chef while sampling next week’s menu, and indulge in shamelessly generous portions. And if you happen to wonder where exactly the sirloin cut comes from, why there is a diagram right there behind the counter. It is a working butcher shop, after all. And there are only three tables, so if you plan to go there for dinner, it helps to call ahead. The cafe, butcher, and supplier are all available at 425-485-4658.

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