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Bennett's Point, SCBack in the beautiful Carolinas on business, I take advantage of a sunny Sunday to drive out to Bennett’s Point where the welcome sign features a giant mosquito and the phrase, “Gotta Love It.” Luckily it is early February, and the only thing flying around by the thousands is the white ibis.

On Bear Island there is a registration station with a nice map of the area and an alert for possum hunters. Nearby another sign warns, “Hunt Underway.” I opt not to hike around the area because I share many attributes with the possum, like feigning death under pressure, smelling bad, and hissing.

So I drive out of Bennett’s Point, and at last, in the distance, I can see a familiar sight for someone from the Pacific Northwest–a black crow disassembling a roadkill squirrel. Except that as I drive closer, the squirrel starts to look less and less like a squirrel, and the crow begins to outgrow any crow I’ve ever seen. I stop the car at the scene, leaning out to photograph the black vulture standing over its dead armadillo. But the vulture is spooked and flies off with an eerie whup whup whup.

That was yesterday. Tomorrow is another full day of work, and then it’s off to see the mountains where Doc Watson grew up. And maybe I can explore them if it’s not raccoon season there.

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