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Twister Solo

It’s embarrassing to admit, but the other day I threw out my back painting a miniature barn for baby chickens.

Twister, not the tornado version with actual dangerOne moment I’m leaning over slathering paint, and the next I realize that I cannot move. I dropped the paintbrush to the floor and hovered for a minute, trying not to draw attention to myself. Fourteen-year-old William was painting the other side of the barn, and as ridiculous as a chicken barn may be, getting injured while painting it is even more ridiculous. No matter how excrutiating the pain, you must keep your composure.

Unable to move left or right, up or down, I focused on a sheet of plywood nearby and grabbed it as quietly as I could. 

Gasp. Pause. Pause. Gasp.

William continued to paint the far side of the chicken barn, unaware that his crippled father was tilting only a yard away, no longer painting and joking around. Eventually he realized that something was not quite right. Anytime you are doing all the work and your partner is huffing at his post, something is not quite right.

The first day after my chicken barn injury was painful, but fascinating. It took 45 minutes to get out of bed. Twelve-year-old Nick made coffee in the morning and set a steaming mug next to me in bed. I was Tantalus, writhing. I could not roll onto my side. Could not prop myself up on either arm. By the time I could get to the coffee, it was not even warm.

As excruciating as the pain was during my first two days, the situations were amusing. It was like playing Twister by myself, trying to unravel elaborate puzzles to complete the most mundane tasks.

One puzzle was getting out of bed.  Another was pulling on socks. Another was peeing. Another was getting in and out of the car. Day 1 was tough. Day 2 was better, and I was able to maneuver myself out of bed at 2 a.m. to pee. If you’re counting, that would be two puzzles. 30 minutes.

The new chicks, I hope, appreciate their barn with its green roof and bright red sides.

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