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I tried to name our Rhode Island Red something clever. But the family wanted a more practical name, so she was just Red. A good enough name for a good enough chicken.

She did not come when you called her, but she came when dinner was served.  Not quite as obedient as the average dog, but ahead of some kids I know. She laid big eggs, and often. She blocked the exit from the henhouse when she slept, which caused a fair amount of squawking from some grumpy hens when it was time to get up. She didn’t care much about the pecking order, and was big enough to get away with it. And not least of all, she was a looker, sturdy and lustrous crimson.

With autumn molting and a dark winter solstice behind us, the other chickens are ready to get back into laying. Red was probably working on her first egg of the winter when she died this week. She will be missed, and the garden will not be quite as bright.

So with apologies to William Carlos Williams for a little rearranging, we will bid her farewell.

so much depends

a white wheel

glazed with rain

beside the red


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